Beyond Academic

Excellence beyond Academics: A Push towards the Extra-Curricular
The Rising Sun Premier School actively encourages co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which equip the students with life skills, which will enable them to excel in all they attempt.
Co-curricular activities in school build character and help develop multiple skills in scholars. A plethora of activities in literature, art, science, performing arts and sports, benefits scholars immensely. We also cultivate non- academic skills such as leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.
The Rising Sun Premier School’ has an integrated education system wherein learning the curriculum is rendered through various extracurricular activities that not only makes studies fun and interesting but also makes the child prepared for the real world by developing the most necessary survival skills. This is a twin approach which sharpens the intellectual faculties and develops skills for a lifetime.
Till primary level all children are exposed to different kinds of extracurricular activities and therefore they become confident enough to decide their specialized fields of multiple talents. Olympiads, various competitions on quiz, extempore, debate and so on along with performing arts like music, art, dance, drama and sports which include football, cricket, badminton, tennis, basketball, volleyball and hockey and so on equip the child to choose from a wide palate of skills to specialize in once they reach middle school.