Our Vision

To make the Rising Sun Premier School, a leading, learning community of motivated staff and students engaged in realizing and exploring the limits of their full and human potential to graciously contribute to the society. “In shared ownership, cooperative learning takes place continuously in preparation for a global modern day society”

Our Mission

Rising Sun Premier School is committed to providing an education that helps to develop children into balanced personalities, with sound values of love, kindness, devotion.
Our values and attributes, which align with our guiding statements, are integral to creating a school culture and climate to realise our educational goals.
★ Cleanliness
★ Compassion
★ Commitment
★ Determination
★ Honesty
★ Integrity
★ Perseverance
★ Respect
★ Responsibility
★ Self-Discipline
★ Teamwork
★ Trust
★ Self-improvement
★ Future-vision
★ Globalization